5 reasons why you should write more ‘Letter Stories’

The art of writing letters is centuries old. Sending and receiving messages between two people in the form of written letters began around 500 BC according to historians. The first recorded handwritten letter was written by Persian Queen Atossa. Letters were used primarily for communicating short messages and notes, whether it be for business, personal use, or for royal individuals to use. Now, there’s no better way to bare one’s heart in a frank and honest manner than in the form of letters. Therefore, letters are still very much around though their style and form has changed.

In my editorial space, I seldom come across stories in the jacket of letters. I often wonder how much the use of such a format would make an entry stand out in the slush pile or in a competition. No qualms admitting that I don’t write many either! (Quitting even before trying! Maybe start using it more?) YOU SHOULD TOO!

Apart from making your entry unique, I’ll list five more reasons why you should write more ‘Letter Stories’:

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