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Flash 360 Beginners All-Purpose Writing Workshop Flash 360 is a hands-on workshop that integrates classroom learning with publishing experience to explore Flash Fiction writing, the fastest growing genre within literary fiction of stories under 1000 words.

July 9, 2022


  • Discussions on flash-writing craft, and structure of flash fiction (opening, tension, resolution.
  • Variations you can make
  • Structures that work for you
  • Get ready to write one flash piece in class based on your instructor’s prompt through guided support on how to write an attention-grabbing opening, how to build suspense, and how to close the narrative satisfactorily. This exercise is followed by Reading and peer-feedback in an encouraging atmosphere.
  • Guidance with the submission process, including writing & formatting Cover Letters.
  • This comprehensive workshop also includes one piece of your choice (plus bio and Cover Letter) which is eligible for Editorial Critique after the class.

I’m still grateful for the flash fiction workshop on Saturday. It was amazing.

Victor Uzochukwu

Expressing my gratitude for a wonderful, interactive and fun workshop… I carry home some good learning and I hope I can share good work with you in the near future. 

Sonia Dogra

Thank you Mandira for this feedback.  I appreciate this effort from the bottom of my heart.  I can’t thank you enough.

Sudha Subramanian

Motifs and Metaphors

Crow Collective Workshop

May 21, 2022


  • INTRODUCTION: Much of the power of a story lies in its subtext, the stuff between the lines, and under the surface that gives the action of the story meaning. Discussions on subtext, what lends depth to the plot and to the characters, and how it must be weaved into the narrative seamlessly, and how the inner meaning must be built organically and in just-the-right amount.
  • Divided into eight segments, this workshop examines all aspects of writing with Motifs and Metaphors including inserting them in the right areas, using different familiar and unfamiliar forms, images, motifs in motion, motifs from poetry, metaphors from classical fiction and fairy tales
  • Lots of exercises, and hands-on approach towards adding that elusive resonance and universality to your writing
  • Discussion on analogy, conceptual blending, ideasthesia
  • Brief readings of example stories
  • Why conflicts of metaphors are usually missed by most writers
  • Discussion on example stories

Great workshop. It was packed with brilliant stuff. The examples you chose were varied and interesting and inspiring. I especially like the part where you discussed how something can be both joyful and sad ie Plath’s balloons. I treated myself to a copy of Ariel and am revisiting Plath. Thank you! I also really enjoyed the hermit crab part. It was an unexpected bonus! It’s funny, I’d never thought of hermit crab flashed in the way you were describing. 

Anika Carpenter

I loved your workshop and I’m really looking forward to having you back in September.

Sage Tyrtle

Lots of good information, suggested readings, and prompts. I left with quite a few stories I can’t wait to finish.

Kimberley Shiel

Wonderful workshop. You packed in a lot of information and knowledge. Thank you!

Jonaki Ray

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