Six Story Prompts for a Summer Sunday

Hope you’ve been reading up all the great work being produced. Flash fiction is constantly evolving and writers are trying out new and innovative ideas. For this blogpost, I’ve combed through my notebooks to come up with a list of six new flash ideas you may try:

1. Introduce Yourself — Who you are, what do you see, what do you hear, where you are — THIS MOMENT— in an epistolatory flash story

Remember this might not result in a traditional story with an opening, tension and resolution, but many writers will vouch for it that a writing exercise such as this, without the constraints of theme etc. is, in fact, therapeutic, and almost always leads to other offshoot pieces!

2. READ a POEM describing the weather/winter/climate/summer. Make a list of associated emotions/objects of that weather/climate from the poem as well as from memory. Now, write a story around it.

3. WRITE A STORY in 400 words max. USING the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images on your left. If possible, use two segments distinctly made out.

You could name the two paragraphs/segments as

‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’

OR ‘Rules’ and ‘Fragments’

OR ‘Forever’ and ‘Never’

OR ‘Clockwise’ and ‘Anti-clock’

5. Scroll through the images above (in no particular order). Use as many as possible in a Gothic-themed short-story.

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