Praise Rain

Flash Stories and Rain

Rain on the Roof: Turn on the audio to create ambience!

“When it rains, God sits on his throne and listens to his favorite music — the sound of thunder.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

Where it fell on earth, on fields and gardens, it drew up the smell of earth. Here a drop poised on a grass-blade; there filled the cup of a wild flower, till the breeze stirred and the rain was spilt. Was it worth while to shelter under the hawthorn, under the hedge, the sheep seemed to question; and the cows, already turned out in the grey fields, under the dim hedges, munched on, sleepily chewing with raindrops on their hides. 

Virginia Wolf, The Years

Some additional notes. How about these prompts?

Use only the onomatopoetic words/sound words for rain (pitter-patter, thrum, pelt, hammering, pingling, plunking) to create atmosphere in the opening of the story

A mythical story where rain is metaphor for the wrongs done to character(s)

The dark side of rain. Including storm, floods, drowning.

A personal memoir, only remebered still because it was raining unusually bad

Rain as symbol of fertility

Rain as a condition to find the rainbow

Expecting to rain, you carry the umbrella, and what funny adventures happen on the train to work

Waiting to catch a bus in blinding rain, you take the wrong bus, and that’s where your story takes off

With a notebook beside the window, devour the rain, praise rain! As always, happy writing!

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  1. I’m overcome and amazed by the extent and depth of the thought and research that Mandira, you have put in your explication of your own obsession with rain in your works. It’s quite obvious to me, though to be honest I wasn’t able for lack of time to read absolutely all of your references, that your are one of the most thoughtful and best prepared writers in the business today! Keep up the good work!

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