Girls Who Don’t Cry



I have always loved crossing cultures and peering inside. Mandira Pattnaik gives you a looking glass. In several of the short glimpses, her eloquent writing evokes a deep haunting sadness. In “Unbound, Unfree” you feel hope and courage building and ultimately you ponder the ending. A fiery strength evolves in “Type in Everything You Remember.” My favorite of this collection was “The Chart of Our Lives,” I became invested in the drama of how the summer would end for these three girls, who all with hopes and dreams. If you love the Indian culture, learning, and reading; this fascinating book comes highly recommended.

Thasia Anne, Author of Sea Escapes and Check Mates published Alien Buddha Press

Offering a kaleidoscope of narratives filled with mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, siblings, victims, and avengers, Mandira Pattnaik skillfully weaves threads of the lives of her characters inGirls Who Don’t Cry. Each story is a scintillating gem, polished and placed perfectly in her immersive settings, transporting you body and soul.

Melissa Llanes Brownlee, author of Hard Skin and Kahi and Lua

Girls Who Don’t Cry introduces the reader to characters as creatures, jellyfish, and invertebrates. They’re all experiencing an urgency of discovering who they are and trying to show this truth to others. You’re pulled right in by Pattnaik’s unique descriptions, transported to magical worlds that seem unfamiliar yet realistic at the same time. This book is a wonderful escape that makes the reader feel like they’re learning about different worlds when it’s actually very internal.

Allison Renner, author of Won’t Be By Your Side

The book in a reader’s hand, as shared on Instagram.

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