Only Poetry Allowed!

Ten Magazines Exclusively for Poetry

For Poetry Month’s first blogpost, I curated a brief list of poems by poets based around the world whose shapes, forms and subject-matter I found highly innovative and equally impressive. For the second instalment, I curate a list of poetry-only publications that you may not be reading regularly, but whose showcase of poetry is sure to delight you!

  • The Shore Poetry: The Shore is an online poetry publication seeking cutting, strange, and daring work from new and established poets alike. They’re now reading for Issue 14 until June 1. The Shore published this and this poem of mine.
  • Kissing Dynamite: Open for submissions every month between 1-7 dates, they publish a wide range of innovative, new poetry from creatives around the world. This poem of mine was published by KD.
  • 8 Poems publishes in January, March, July & October each year. EIC Tim Duffy invites submissions year round.
  • Feral Poetry: Helmed by Beth Gordon, Feral Poetry is a poetry-and-art-only publication. It’ll open on May 1 for the Hunger-themed Issue. They published this and this poem of mine.
  • Thimble Literary Magazine: Among the interesting poems they feature, this was lucky to be one. They are a quarterly, online, no fee / no payment publication. Next open in May.
  • The Night Heron Barks – A Sanctuary for Poet and Poem: Open for all types of poetry, including but not limited to lyrical, narrative, experimental, visual, found and erasure, poetry in translation, prose, hybrid, and collaborative work.
  • Long Poem Magazine: Long Poem Magazine is the only magazine dedicated to publishing long poems and sequences. Next submission window opens in June.
  • Acropolis Journal: Edited by Lousie Mather, this is an exclusive poetry and art journal. Submissions now open until May 6
  • Last Leaves Magazine: Opens to submissions on June 1. They published two of my poems in their first issue: this and the poem “When”.
  • Not Very Quiet: Twice-yearly publication for women poets from Australia and elsewhere. This and this poem made it to their pages.

Hope you found this curation useful. Happy poeming!

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